As an award winning photographer, I’ve been doing this since film. I can remember rolling my own film into canisters from the refrigerator. I also remember all of the chemical smells from processing film. I don’t miss any of that.

I started a large studio with 12 photographers in Philly. I shot glamour, head shots, weddings, product photography and magazines. I finally got to the point that this wasn’t fun anymore. I gave it up for a while and just continued teaching photography. I ventured into pet photography and fell back in love. This combined some of my favorite things, art, photography and especially pets. This also walks me into pet photography with some of the highest quality equipment that there is.

So, here I am, one of the top photographers in the poultry fair and cat show industry. I’ve been doing cat and dog shows for a good while now. I’m venturing into poultry, bunnies and guinea pigs. My secret… Patience. It takes a while to gain the pet’s trust. But, with a little time, I can coax out their personality. And, with my artistic and photography background I can record it and display it spectacularly.

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